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Catered Event

BBQ Catering Image with Family


Hello Walker Family,
I am writing to thank you all and your business for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your customer service and the delicious food that was more than enough lol (thank you so much) that was shared with our family for a very special, special, special occasion for our son.
We have and will continue to recommend your services to others. Our family could not be more satisfied with your catering work and we look forward to continuing this relationship. Best of wishes and Happy Holidays.
Audris Manukailea

Hello Janine,
Just want to give you a big shout out Thank-You for an AWESOME job! Thanks to you, our team gathering was a big success! LOVE your family at Walker BBQ!!! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Susan Graves
Receptionist Kiewit Power Constructors

Walkers BBQ thank you so much. Everything was wonderful and very tasty and we had more that enough food. If you have any business cards there were many people asking for them and I would be very pleased to give the referral. Thanks again so much this was really a shot in the dark since I had never had the food and just found you on the internet. I was running out of time and took a chance. We couldn't have been more pleased. Thanks again for everything. Trish

To Walkers BBQ: OMG!!!! It was a hit. Food was DELICIOUS!!! And we sure did have plenty food. Thanks again for coming through on a very short notice. Glad we found your information online. Gabby

To the Walker Family: OMG, your ribs are so delicious! The meat actually fell off the bone. There is a long line for your food, and people who didn't get any the last time you catered were at the front of the line. I wish you had a store, my 9-year old is a rib-lover already. Thank you for such excellent service and on short notice. Young Mr. Walker was here at exactly 11:30 and delivered everything with a smile on his face. Thanks again. Qmii

BBQ Catering Ribs and Grilled Steaks